Web Application Development

Web Application Development

WEB APPLICATIONS have emerged to a point where they render the same levels of interactivity as rival native applications. Through compelling and scalable web apps, we help clients scale new frontiers.

Front-End Development in Web Application


Our front-end team absorbs your demands, takes it from there, to nail the journey in code, ultimately creating visually rich applications. To craft products that operate seamlessly with exceptional usability, we develop:

    • An explicit UI suited to design mockups, with pixel-perfect precision.
    • A consistent UX over the whole web application.
    • Striking animations and other effects that don’t imperil the overall performance.

Our expertise are in  React JS, Angular JS, HTML and capable of building progressive web applications with features like working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access etc.

Back-End Development in Web Application


Our architects and senior developers get to design and develop the core of your application, with an eye for robustness, and trending features. We leverage all the newest web application development tools and technological advances to build:

    • Reliable web app architecture to accommodate future growth
    • Flexible apps that can be integrated with third-party systems and services.
    • Cutting-edge security features to protect your data and processes.

Our expertise are in  Node JS, PHP and use cloud platforms like AWS, GCP and IBM Watson to implement advanced capabilities in our applications.

Database Development in web application


Whether you have a database and just need integration, or cannot decide on the database for your initial web application development process, our experts can help!
We work with all popular data management systems, and have expertise in employing both RDBMS and Big Data, in combination as required on a single project.

Our expertise are in  MySQL, Mongo DB and use AWS RDS / AWS DynamoDB for secure and scalabe cloud hosting.

Manual & Automated QA


We put QA experts in the loop from the start, to ensure the developed application runs like clockwork across all the browsers. This is a thoughtful process, which will let to:

  • Improve the product quickly.
  • Efficiently solve problems.
  • Lessen the overall time-to-market.


Agile Process

The team adheres to tried-and-true web application development methodologies tailored to meet the clients’ business requirements and transparency criteria. This enables better flexibility and quick turnaround time.


Our UI/UX designers are well-versed in developing attractive, easy-to-use interfaces for the web, as well as mobile apps.

Quality Assurance

Specialized QA and Software Testing services will test your web app solution in parallel across multiple platforms, to drive the constant delivery of innovative features.

Code Quality

Establish and consistently maintain a high quality of source code by performing end-to-end quality check and complete compliance with CISQ code quality standards.


We build web applications and software products with a big picture in mind that are flexible for any future upgrades and capable of impletementing new technologies