We’re at the forefront of building modern mobile and web applications aiming to reduce the gap between businesses and customers. We build ideas that people want, apps that people love to use, websites that people enjoy and relationships that people trust.

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Benefits Of Integrating Mobile Apps To Your Business

Creating your mobile app helps you engage your customers more conveniently and also enables you to deliver your services at their fingertips.

Using smartphone's GPS capability to locate user location allows to provide more personalized services to your customers. Push notifications and chat apps also help to engage with them proactively.

Our team have expertise in leveraging all of these innovative features to provide better digial experience and services to your customers.

Puzzle Background Digital Transformation & Automation

How Progressive Web Applications can help your business?

We always make sure that web apps we build are seamless to use, close to mobile apps that can run faster in all platforms. We merge unique features like offline browsing, push notification, data analytics and AI capabilities to make the apps more smarter.

Puzzle Background Digital Transformation & Automation

How BRIKS can help with your company's digital transformation?

We are one of the few technology companies in Australia capable of building Progressive Web Applications. PWA is an emerging technology concept helping to increase engagement with customers through different channels.

  • We develop progressive web application that delivers seamless interaction across multiple mobile browsers and robust performance.
  • We build PWA on the device shell model in such a way that it provides a fantastic user experience, without any disruption or loss of pace.
  • Our progressive web apps respond quickly to user interactions with incredibly smooth animation and navigation, without scrolling.